The IX Forum 15 is part of the Internet Infrastructure Week in Brazil.


Watch it again!

Welcome to IX Forum!

This will be the 14th edition of IX Forum, an event promoted by (Brazilian Network Information Center), (Brazilian Internet Steering Committee) and (Brazil Internet Exchange).

  • IX Forum is an annual event that began in 2007 and aims to provide an opportunity for discussion of issues related to Internet infrastructure in the country. 


Opening Session

Milton Kaoru Kashiwakura (


Joao Lucas Macedo (Prefeitura Municipal de Montes Claros / MG)



Coffee Break

Internet Numbering 2021

Ricardo Patara (


Numeracao 2021.pdf

DDoS attacks by IX and their consequences

Daniel Damito (Sage Networks)


Ataques DDoS pelo IX.pdf

Infrastructure Challenges in Brazil with Streaming Growth

Antonio Marcos Moreiras (
Claudiney Soares (
Rogerio Mariano (Azion)

How to Connect to Netflix in the OpenCDN Project

Vinicius Esteves (Netflix)

Coffee Break

Network Automation Evolution - From cowboy-style scripts to highly orchestrated networks

Diogo Montagner (Sony)

Forecasting the Impact of IXP Outages Using Anycast

João M. Ceron (SIDN Labs)
Leandro Bertholdo (University of Twente)
Lisandro Z. Granville (UFRGS)
Roland van Rijswijk-Deij (NLnet Labs)


Guilherme Ladvocat (RNP)

Activation - Update

Rodrigo Regis (

Courses / Citizen in the Network / IntraNetwork - Update

Eduardo Barasal (


Antonio Marcos Moreiras (

TOP / Safer Internet - Update

Gilberto Zorello (

Coffee Break

Blackhole at

Antonio Marcos Moreiras (
Julio Sirota (

Talk to IX

Antonio Galvão de Rezende Filho (
Antonio Marcos Moreiras (
Julio Sirota (
Milton Kaoru Kashiwakura (
Rodrigo Regis (
Salvador Rodrigues ( )



The multisetorial model brings together several sectors by gathering society and government to establish strategic guidelines related to the use and development of the Internet, in Brazil. The and actions range from technical aspects, recommendations of procedures for securing and for surveys production, which allow the maintenance of technical quality and innovation, as well as subsidizing the implementation of policies on the use of the Internet in Brazil.