The IX Forum 13 is part of the Internet Infrastructure Week in Brazil.


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Welcome to IX Fórum!

This will be the 13th edition of IX Fórum, an event promoted by (Center of Study and Research in Network Technology and Operations) from (Brazilian Network Information Center), with the support from (Brazilian Internet Steering Committee).

IX Fórum is an annual event that began in 2007 and aims to provide an opportunity for discussion of issues related to Internet infrastructure in the country. This is a bilingual (Portuguese and English) event, with simultaneous translation and Internet transmission.

IX Fórum will include presentations of case studies, lectures and discussions on topics related to Internet Exchanges and Internet infrastructure in Brazil.


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The multisetorial model brings together several sectors by gathering society and government to establish strategic guidelines related to the use and development of the Internet, in Brazil. The and actions range from technical aspects, recommendations of procedures for securing and for surveys production, which allow the maintenance of technical quality and innovation, as well as subsidizing the implementation of policies on the use of the Internet in Brazil.