The IX Forum 14 is part of the Internet Infrastructure Week in Brazil.


Check out the videos of 13h edition:

Welcome to IX Forum!

This will be the 14th edition of IX Forum, an event promoted by (Brazilian Network Information Center), (Brazilian Internet Steering Committee) and (Brazil Internet Exchange).

IX Forum is an annual event that began in 2007 and aims to provide an opportunity for discussion of issues related to Internet infrastructure in the country. This is a bilingual (Portuguese and English) event, with simultaneous translation and Internet transmission.

IX Forum will include presentations of case studies, lectures and discussions on topics related to Internet Exchanges and Internet infrastructure in Brazil.




São Paulo enjoys a high-altitude tropical climate, with summer rains and an average temperature of from 19º to 27 ºC. In the summer it usually rains at the end of the afternoon.

Sao Paulo's Maps
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City Guides, Brochures and Suggested Activities


Bus lines
SPTrans is responsible for the bus lines in the city ( Their website is only in portuguese, but their bus lines schedule database is integrated into Google Maps, so you can easily query the best bus lines for a given route.

Subway and Train
The train station hass acesso to subway lines. More information:

CPTM Official Website:
Subway Official Website:

Useful & Emergency phone numbers

MAIL (LOST AND FOUND): (11) 3003-0100

Tourist Police Station (Deatur) - headquarters
Rua da Cantareira, 390 - Centro, São Paulo – SP
Tel.: +55 11 3257-4475
Monday to Sunday: 8am to 8pm

Deatur - Guarulhos Airport
Tel.: +55 11 2611-2686
Office hours: 24 hours

Deatur - Congonhas Airport
Tel.: +55 11 5090-9032 / 5090-9043 / 5090-9041 / 5090-9038
Office hours: 24 hours

Safety measures

As in any big city, personal safety is an important consideration. Hence:

• Keep an eye on your luggage. Use large and colorful labels to identify them easily on airport conveyor belts or delivery booths.
• Exchange your money only in exchange houses in airports or authorized banking agencies. Do not accept help from strangers, such as porters and agents in airports.
• Only use official taxi stands or taxis from the cooperatives recommended by the event organization. Always keep the windows of your vehicle up, particularly at night, and always ask your cab driver to keep valuable belongings, such as laptops in the trunk.
• Always keep your belongings in sight, particularly in open areas, like restaurants, snack bars, parks and even in the event’s venue. Don’t let purses, bags or cameras hanging on chairs or on the floor.
• Don’t disclose your personal data to unknown persons
• Avoid carrying passports and travelers checks when you go for a walk or a drive. In the event of a lost, theft or robbery, report the fact immediately to the local police.
• Don’t wear expensive looking jewelry and watches. The same applies to large amounts of money; try to have the right money separated in advance for small expenses.
• For your peace of mind, use the hotel’s safe to keep valuable objects, your documents, passport and airplane tickets, and use photocopies of your documents when you go out.
• If you go out for a walk or to public and open areas, keep your belongings near your body and avoid going out alone. Please refrain from going out on the streets carrying your notebook or other electronic devices.
If you need to go to an ATM machine, preferably use those located in malls (shopping centers) or banks. Avoid cash machines on streets or dark places. If you need help, always ask an employee of the bank.



The multisetorial model brings together several sectors by gathering society and government to establish strategic guidelines related to the use and development of the Internet, in Brazil. The and actions range from technical aspects, recommendations of procedures for securing and for surveys production, which allow the maintenance of technical quality and innovation, as well as subsidizing the implementation of policies on the use of the Internet in Brazil.